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Smart Lockers

Smartlockers are crafted from durable Corrugated Iron steel, featuring lockable roller doors and a sturdy frame. Backed by a 20-year warranty, they come with an assembly guide for easy setup. Choose between depot pickup or convenient home delivery.

Smartlocker Lockaway Premium Sheds

The Smartlocker range is a firm favourite among our customers, due to it’s unique design, lockable rollerdoor and the abundance of space inside.

These shed offers a premium range of backyard storage and garden sheds that excel in security and storage solutions. These sheds and workshops feature top-notch design and durability, catering to diverse needs and seamlessly integrating into Australian homes. With advanced security measures, spacious interiors, and affordable pricing, these sheds provide a clutter-free and organized outdoor space, safeguarding your valuable belongings. 

Purchasing your ideal shed or workshop is made easy through Spanbilt’s user-friendly website, where you can explore options, compare specifications, and receive dedicated customer support. Elevate your backyard with a premium shed from Spanbilt and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a smart and reliable investment.

Ubild Workshops & Premium Sheds

Our Ubild range of workshops also offer ample space and offers exceptional value. If you are looking for a quality steel building, then our premium sheds are definitely a must see. Purchase yours online today.

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