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Pool Pump Covers

Organize your pool area with Spanbilt's stylish pool sheds, available in 5 popular shed colors. Enjoy peace of mind with a 15-year warranty, an assembly guide included, and the convenience of depot or home delivery.

Discover the ideal solution for organizing and protecting your pool pump with our Australian-made Pool Pump Storage Sheds.

These versatile garden shed kits combine functionality with style, while providing a practical solution for pool pumps.

  • Proudly made in Australia with high quliaty steel.

  • Versatile features like 2 entry points; front and roof hinged doors.

  • Choice of five colors to complement your outdoor space seamlessly.

  • Comes with a robust 15-year warranty, ensuring enduring quality and durability.

  • Suitable for both DIY enthusiasts, some kit assembly experience is advantageous or recruit someone who is!

  • User-friendly assembly manuals make installation a breeze, providing a hassle-free experience for pool owners.

  • Choose Home Delivery or Depot Pickup delivery options.

Elevate the aesthetics of your pool area while ensuring the longevity of your pump with these high-quality,



Australian-made storage sheds.

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